Ultra Violet Pool Water Purification Systems

At approximately half the cost of a Salt Water system, Ultra Violet Pool Water Purification Systems eliminate microorganisms, lower chemical usage and eliminate toxic by-products. Ultra Violet Systems eliminate 90% of chlorine and nearly 100% of chlorine side effects. This system creates water purification
with lower PPM (parts per million) in water quality (safe enough to drink), higher water clarity and requires even less chemicals
and lower maintenance than the traditional chlorinated or salt water system.

80% of new water parks and aquatic facilities feature Ultra Violet Water Sanitizers. The Ultra Violet EPA recognizes Ultra Violet as a proven technology.
The Sydney & Beijing Olympics and The Yale & Texas Universities use Ultra Violet purification systems for their swimming pools, and the state of New York is using Ultra Violet purification in all their water parks. The world Health Organization states that 0.05 PPM chlorine free is effective when Ultra Violet systems are used.

Ultra Violet light water purification works by passing Ultra Violet light through a special quartz glass which is placed in the water flow. The water circulates around the Ultra Violet lamp emitting a high intensity germicidal light ray exposing any microorganisms, viruses, cysts, protozoa, pathogens,
bacteria and /or algae to a lethal dose of Ultra Violet light. This system effectively eliminates 99% harmful organisms.

Ultra Violet Systems are recommended to be your solely method of pool water purification and not in combination with other forms of purification systems.
Pools that have a Ultra Violet Purification Systems will tend to have a very stable pH and alkalinity.
Adjustments will be less likely, but pools still needs to be tested regularly.

Ultra Violet residential systems require the same electricity as a low wattage light bulb. To maintain it’s ultimate strength,
the Ultra Violet lamp/bulb should be replaced once a year.


Ultra Violet Features & Benefits

  • Safe, Eco-Friendly & Family-Friendly
  • Inactivates 99.9% Bacteria, Viruses, Fungus, Algae
    & Micro-Organisms Instantaneously
  • More Effective Than Chlorine Or Salt Based Chlorine Generators
  • Dramatically Reduce Chemical Demand By Up To 50%
  • No Harmful By-Products
  • Reduce Eye & Skin Irritations
  • Cleaner, Healthier Water
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • 13,000 operating hour effective lifespan UV-C lamps
  • Available in 120V/50/60Hz and 230V/50/60Hz
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • 2 year limited warranty